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4.1 Lag for break
If competition or tournament rules require a lag for break then the following procedure should be used:Each player should use balls of equal size and weight. With the balls in baulk, one player to the left and one to the right of the table, the balls are struck simultaneously to the foot cushion and back to the baulk end of the table. The player whose ball is the closest to the innermost edge of the baulk cushion wins the lag. The lagged ball must contact the foot cushion at least once. Other cushion contacts are immaterial, except as prohibited below.It is an automatic loss of the lag if:
(1)          the ball crosses into the opponent’s half of the table,
(2)          the ball fails to contact the foot cushion,
(3)          the ball drops into a pocket,
(4)          the ball jumps the table,
(5)          the ball touches the long cushion,
(6)          the ball rests within the corner pocket and past the nose of the head cushion, or
(7)          the ball contacts the foot cushion more than once.If both players violate automatic-loss lag rules, or if the referee is unable to determine which ball is closer, the lag is a tie and is replayed.If one player strikes the ball, the other player has to strike his ball before the opponent’s ball reaches the foot cushion in order to have a simultaneous lag. If this is not the case and the referee feels that the player who played second wanted to get an advantage out of that, then the lag has to be replayed.

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Score Cards must be returned by 12.15pm (just after noon), the Sunday following the match, to the Southampton Arms. 

You must give your opponents 24 hours’ notice if you intend to cancel a match and you then have 21 days to PLAY the cancelled match. 

You must be 16 or older to play in the League.